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Bis (3,4-Epoxycyclohexylmethyl) Adipate (Product No.:TTA26)

  • Synonyms:                       Hexanedioicacid,bis(7-oxabicyclo(4.1.0)hept-3-
                                               ylmethylester;  UVR 6128; ERL 4299;

    CAS RN.:                           3130-19-6

    EINECS:                             221-518-5

    Molecular Formula:          C20H30O6

    Molecular  Weight:           366.2

    Hazard Symbols:               Xn

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TTA26 is similar in electrical and weathering performance to TTA21, but provides better flexibility.


Brand Name                    TTA26

Equivalent to                   UVR6128、ERL4299

Appearance                     Pale Yellow Transparent Liquid

Viscosity                          400~750 cP

Weight per Epoxide         190~210

Color(Pt-Co)                    250 APHA max

Water                              0.1% max

Package                          200kgs Drum or 1mt IBC Drum

Shelf Life                         One Year 


TTA26 has multi-epoxy functionality which makes it useful in LED and insulation package, casting mold, metal coating, sealant, composite, photo curing coating & ink, high pressure component, condenser oil and transformer oil etc.

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