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Aldehydes and ketones resin KR series

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Technical index
Name KR-80F KR-120 KR-120A KR-120B KR-120W KR-130
Appearance light yellow block light white grain or block solid light yellow grain or block solid
Specific gravity(20 oC g/cm3) 1.1 1.15-1.17 about 1.17 about 1.17 1.15-1.17 1.15-1.17

Hydroxyl value(mgKOH/g)

75-85 110±10 50±10 200 ±10 240±10 110±10
Acid value(mgKOH/g) 〈1 〈1 〈1 〈1 〈1 〈1
Chroma ≤5 ≤1 ≤1 ≤1 ≤3 ≤3
Fe-Co 0-2 0-2 0-2 0-2 0-2 0-2
Water content ( Wt% ) 〈1 〈2 〈1 〈2 <1 〈2
Molecular formula 350-450 1150-1250 about 1200 about 1150 1050-1150 1450-1550
Softening point(oC) 80-90 110±10 120±5 125±5 120±10 130±10
Features Molecular structural chart
    Aldehydes and Ketones resin (also known as polyketone resin, ketone-formaldehyde resin) is one high-brightness, light-fastness of the neutral, non-saponification-based cyclohexanone - formaldehyde resin.
    The chemical structure of aldehydes and ketones resin KR series gives it a special quality and characteristics, the resin become the saturated ring structure in the condensation phase that make resin has high gloss, hardness, anti-degradation, and weather resistance. As a result of this resin in the structure of non-ester, it has good water resistance. Since the primary key contains a lot of the cyclohexyl, it will have heat resistance. In addition, the keto group and hydroxy group make them have a wide range of polarity solubility and miscibility, as well as the good paint wettability and adhesion. Therefore, aldehydes and ketones resin KR series not only can compound with larger polarity, but also with less polarity.It fit for the majority of inks, coatings and adhesive systems to improve ink, paint, and the adhesive’s quick-drying , gloss, adhesion, levelling property ,pigment wetting and solid content as the ideal matching raw materials of the ink, paint and adhesives.
Aldehydes and ketones resin KR series is soluble in most common solvents in all the dope industries, such as alcohols, ketones, esters, ethers etc, excepting water and aliphatic hydrocarbon.
                                                                                                           List 1
Benzene A Ethers A aliphatic hydrocarbon C
Alcohol A Cyclohexanones A Water and petroleum ether C
Esters A Methyl isobutyl ketone A 200# solvent oil C
A: represent solution and dilution with any proportion
B: any proportion solution when the content is equal or over 30%
C: insoluble or no dilution.
Adopt mixture solvent or heating type to speed up resin solution speed.
2.Aldehydes and ketones resin KR series gets good Intermiscibility with most of resin and plasticizers.
List 2
Base and plasticizers Intermis
Base and plasticizers Intermis
Base and plasticizers Intermis
carbamide resin A short-oil type alcohol acid resin A calcium resinate B
epoxy resin A middle-oil Alcohol acid resin B Polyurethane A
abietic resin A long-oil Alcohol acid resin C polyester resin A
phenolic resin A vinyl chloride copolymer A polyamide resin A
amine resin A phthalic anhydride plasticizers A acrylic resin A-B
maleic resin A maleic acid resin A vinyl resin A
hydrocarbon resin C alkyl sulfuric ester plasticizers A NC Nitrocellulose A
chlorinated rubber A styrene-acrylic resin A saturated polyester resin A
Chlorinated paraffin A styrene modified alcohol acid resin A maleic anhydride resin A
Note: A: miscible   B: limited miscible   C: not miscible
    The above results are measured on the basis of the appearance of a dry film, according to the mixture coated on the glass after air drying.
    KR series of aldehydes and ketones resin have the stype of product KR-80F,KR-120,KR-120A,KR-120B, KR-120W, KR-130 and so on. 
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