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Cyclohexylamine (CHA)

  • Synonyms :                   Aminocyclohexane; 1-Aminocyclohexane;
                                            1-Cyclohexylamine; Aminohexahydrobenzene;
                                            Hexahydroaniline; CHA

    CAS RN :                       108-91-8

    EINECS :                        203-629-0  

    Molecular formula :     C6H13N

    Molecular Weight :      99.17

    Hazard Symbols :         C (Corrosive);

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     Colorless or light yellow liquid, with fishy odor. Strongly alkaline, soluble in water, ethanol, ether, acetone, ester, hydrocarbons and other organic reagents. Decompose under high temperature and release toxic gases, which will react violently with oxidants in the presence of ifre or under high temperature.


Cyclohexylamine (%)       99.3min
Aniline (%)                       0.10max
Dicyclohexylamine (%)     0.10max
Moisture (%)                    0.20max

Application:  Used as boiler water treatment agent and corrosion inhibitor, trbber accelerator and organic synthesis intermediate.

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